Sunday, May 10, 2015

An Important Announcement!

Happy Mother's Day...
to all our faithful followers!
We so appreciate you joining us week after week!
The DT and I want to wish all the mothers in blog land a blessed day with family.
That's NOT all!
If you've been with us, you've seen and heard how we lost our Google Friend Connect. I've been researching and researching in an attempt to get it back. I finally got a response to my many emails and after attempting the solution several times... as you can see... it's still NOT there! Ssooo... unwillingly... 
As of May 27th, our new address will be Inspiration Destination Challenge Blog! Our bags are packed! Same players, same wonderful sponsors, same layout and design, same rules...
you MUST be a follower to claim the prize! 
Which is why we're moving! It takes me forever and a day to figure out how winners are followers. I really need the followers all in one place, please! I hope you can understand and not lose patience with me!
Please pop on over to the new place, click on the Google Friend Connect at the top of the page and be prepared to meet us over there on Wednesday, May 27th! Don't worry about being bombarded with double posts! We're not posting anything from over there until May 27th and on that same day, we will stop posting here. So you'll only receive ONE post from us on your feed. :) 
Thank you for enduring with us and your incredible patience! I have so much appreciated all of you being so faithful!
So until then, we'll continue to look for you right here on Wednesdays for the new challenges and Thursdays for the winners and DT favorites!


  1. Thanks for the notice have hopped over and followed you fingers cross thats the end of your problems

  2. All set! Following the new blog now!

  3. Good luck on your move (LOL) and I have now followed you over at your new site. Looking forward to the new spot!!

  4. I follow you on Bloglovin - does that work or do we have to be on Google connect too? I have no idea how these things work!

  5. I'm now following on the other one too :)
    XOX Lucy

  6. After you lost the followers, I followed you by email. I have been over to the new blog and am now following. Thank you for all your work.

  7. Following on new one sweetie.


Thank you for your sweet comments!